Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome to the latest and most up to date electroniccigarette review site existing on the net. The main thing that makes us different to the majority of other review sites is that you actually get to see each electronic cigarette in action from our review videos. This means that you will understand more how we chose the best electronic cigarette, and you will see if it suits your needs.

There are countless benefits to quitting smoking, but the habit is still hard to break for millions of Americans. A savings calculator featured on displays the money saved by switching to an electronic cigarette starter kit.

The debate over tobacco use, tobacco taxation, and the health care costs associated with tobacco use in Canada has always been heated.  Smokers generally take the position that it is a private activity and they should have the freedom to partake.  They also argue that the money they spend on cigarettes, which about 63% to 80% is taxes, pays to offset the costs of future health care for smokers.  Non-smokers are generally adamant that the revenue from tobacco sales is a far cry from covering all the associated health costs.

We are very proud to present the top rated electronic cigarettes so far for 2012, its been a pleasure testing and reviewing them, and we always update the chart after a new release so you can be sure that we have the most accurate and trustworthy list of the best electronic cigarette brands.


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  2. yeah its not just canada but the uk is very heated when it comes to e-cigarettes, hopefully they wont ban them all together as i prefer them to tobacco

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